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Central Michigan Accounting & Tax

Above are our offices. The top one is Lakeview, which is in renovation, and the bottom one is Stanton.

Some of what we offer.

Business Bookkeeping

Monthly/Quarterly financial statements

Bank Reconciliations

General Ledger

Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable

Subsidiary account maintenance

Monthly and Quarterly  and Annual tax reports

940, 941, W-2, W-3 & 1099

UIA1017Q, UIA 1020

Michigan Sales Use & Withholding Tax

Annual Returns


Payroll Services

Payroll Processing

Monthly or Quarterly Payroll taxes

New Hire Reporting



Tax Preparation Services


Farm, Rental and Self employed

Schedule F, C and SE

Corporate, Sub Chapter S, Partnerships and LLC

1120, 1120A or 1120S

All States, Income tax returns prepared

City Income Tax

Tangible Property Tax Return-Personal Property Tax

Non Filed and Past Due Returns

125 Second St.

Lakeview, Michigan 48850


518 E. Walnut St.

Stanton, Michigan 48888

To contact us:

Stanton Phone: 989-831-5478


Lakeview Phone: 989-352-3025




January 10th thru April 18th


Monday thru Friday 8am to 5pm.


Saturdays 9am to 3pm


Other times by appointment.